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Our Philosophy

In creating Boon products, we were inspired by ingredients that have been used for centuries in recipes for flavor, texture, and healthful properties.

Ginger is anti-inflammatory

A little peppery and a little sweet, ginger is a spice that belongs to the same family of spices as cardamom and turmeric. This robust spice gives zing to sweet and savory dishes and drinks made all over the world.  Ginger is also known for containing antioxidants.

Cardamom is a digestive aid

Cardamom is a spice commonly found in garam masala (blend of Indian spices), savory dishes, and pairs well with autumn spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger. Cardomom is used in sweet chai beverages, mulled wines and hot ciders, and it has also been traditionally used for centuries as a breath freshener and as a digestive aid.


Coffee is an antioxidant

Coffee is grown worldwide, but its heritage dates back centuries to ancient coffee fields in Ethiopia. Everybody loves to connect over a good coffee, especially when it’s a potent source of antioxidants. 

Cinnamon is an antioxidant

Cinnamon is one of the most popular spices used worldwide for cooking because of its dynamic flavor, aroma, and essence. It is also traditionally used for its compelling antioxidant properties. 

Only the Best from our Partners

When sourcing ingredients for our wholesome Boon snacks, we partnered with three trusted brands to ensure our products are made with delicious, sustainable ingredients.

Equator Coffees

Equator Coffees is an award-winning coffee roaster, retail operator and coffee farm owner headquartered in Marin County, CA. Founded in 1995 by Brooke McDonnell and Helen Russell, Equator's commitment to a sustainable, transparent approach spans more than two decades. In 2011, Equator formalized its commitment to sustainability by becoming the first California coffee roaster to become a certified B Corporation.  Today, Equator operates eight retail cafes in the San Francisco Bay Area and has an expanding National wholesale business.

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The Ginger People

At The Ginger People, our mission is to be the most trusted ginger brand in the world through quality, innovation, social responsibility, education and commitment. We are a family of people who seek to create and promote great-tasting, healthful ginger products. By partnering with farmers and producers in the premier growing regions of the world, we support communities and create loyal relationships with those around us. We exist to share experiences where our passion for ginger and its purpose come together.

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The Coffee Cherry Co

We deliver economic and environmental sustainability for workers, communities, and the environment in coffee-growing communities using a patented process to upcycle coffee cherry pulp, the 45 billion lbs. of byproduct created annually from the production of green coffee beans, into a functional product.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of coffee farmers through economic security via new revenue and jobs, a cleaner environment in which to live and work, and improved nutrition globally. It’s a big goal! We have been recognized by global organizations for taking this leadership role in helping to achieve the United Nation’s 17 Global Sustainability Initiatives.

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