BOONBOX ingredients

As someone very used to eating food on-the-go, protein bars are very common staples in my diet.  They're easy, portable, affordable, and get me the protein that I want.  However, if you're like me, after a while, they get boring and repetitive.  I don't always have that sweet tooth and they're almost always covered in chocolate, honey, and other natural and artificial sweeteners to mask the bland taste of the protein powders they contain.

At times when I'm eating a bar, I'm fully aware that I'm compromising flavor for nutrition.  It also becomes apparent to me that I'm sacrificing the appearance of the food for expediency.  These bars often look like a brown mush with ingredients that appear completely unrecognizable.  To take it to the extreme, if you've ever watched the movie, Snowpiercer, you'll get my drift.  They're made that way so that the ingredients can be processed in giant machines which are designed to crank out thousands of them each day. 

While there's definitely a time and place for protein bars, I created BOONBOX to look and taste like real food.  It's a meal, so has the nutrition and both savory and sweet components to satisfy your taste buds.  Unlike most convenient foods out there, the food in BOONBOX is instantly recognizable.  The corn looks like actual kernels of corn!  The pineapple looks like thinly sliced pineapple!  At BOONBOX, we show off our food because we think sometimes it just tastes better when your food actually looks like food!